Meeting on developing strategic plan for preventing and stopping people from having Stroke

On 7th of August, 2017, a health team comprising of 5 health personnel from Klong Klung district health attended a meeting on District Health System (DHS) startup project in developing a strategic plan for stopping and preventing people from having stroke. The meeting was organized by the College of Health System Management (CHSM) and chaired by Professor Dr. Phudit Tejativaddhana (Project Advisor). The proposed objectives of the project were: healthy people, happy workforce, and sustained health system gearing towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDG-3).

The Advisor introduced the project framework, encouraged open discussions and then summarized the whole concept of the project activities. Prior to implementation, the team will attend the capacity building workshops and then conduct trainings of health workers of Khlong Klung district. They will apprise the District Health Coordinating Committee (DHCC) for their support and ownership. Further, the team needs to explore other networking for the successful implementation of the project. The forum agreed to set up database and health information system at Khlong Klung hospital as done for prevention of chronic kidney diseases program. The advisor and the team decided to meet once a month to review the progress of the project.

Lesson learned: The project was one kind of a participatory research that is relevant to Health System Management course. We have gained knowledge and skills in developing project proposals which can be applied in other fields too. It was learnt that involving stakeholders is one most important component for the success and sustaining the project.

By attending the project management meeting, we have observed and learnt the following skills and the important roles shouldered by the project Advisor;

  1. Provides leadership and  guidance and support,
  2. Communicates effectively,
  3. Build connections and work collaboratively
  4. Running workshop and building project management knowledge and capabilities of the team.

Hence, it was a great opportunity for us to be in such fruitful sessions.

Submitted by:

  1. Dolley Tshering, MSc.
  2. Shaikhul Hasan, MSc.
  3. Chimi Wangmo, MSc.
  4. Kinley Dorji , MSc.

CHSM, Naresuan University, Thailand.