Share Your Love to NU

NU students from Buddhist Club and CHSM International Students Joined “Share Your Love to NU” Project – the Voluntary Activity held by CHSM for Magha Puja Day and Valentine’s Day Joint-Events

On February 14th, 2017 at Phra Teppharat Dharma Hall, Naresuan Univesrity, Honorary Prof. Dr. Kanchana Ngourungsi – Acting President of Naresuan Univesrity was the chairperson as the representative of the Secular group as well as Assist. Prof. Dr. Phudit Tejativaddhana – Acting Director of College of Health Systems Management, the chairperson as the representative of the Buddhist monk group, as well as other NU executives together joined the evening pray for Magha Puja Day event.

The team had invited the monk leader – Phra Kru Teerapong and his monk crew from Sao Hin Temple, Tha Pho Sub-district, Phitsanulok Province to perform the Buddhist ceremony of the evening pray with “Dhammachakkapavattana Sutta” chanting Chapter. Moreover, there was also a Buddhist preaching concerning Suj-ja (honesty), Ta-ma (Self-Practice), Khan-ti (Patience), and Ja-ka (Dedication / Donation). Also, the President had given the garlands to the Royal Buddha Image, the image of King Rama IX, and King Naresuan Statue in order to pay respect for the sacred items of Naresuan University.

“Share Your Love to NU” project is the voluntary activity with the cooperation between CHSM staff and international students together with Thai students from the Buddhist Club of NU. This activity has supported the university policy in being “Green and Clean University”. It has created the health cultures in taking care of one’s self, sharing and caring to others living in the same community, as well as caring for the environment around the community. Not only the Buddhist ceremony of praying, but also the cleaning part was done by CHSM team and the students who helped in cleaning the two Buddha images and the Dharma Hall. There were 80 people joining this activity including NU executives, division directors, NU staff, NU international students, as well as NU Thai students without the races and religious frontier.