Thank you messages to Dr. Zhanming Liang


Thank you messages to Dr. Zhanming Liang

Dear Dr. Ming, 

It is my first time opening to the research field and everything seems quiet new to me. But, after having met you and attended your classes, I am quiet passionate to go further in the field of learning. It gaves me an urge to grap new knowledges and make best use of my time for two years.  Having encountered with you was source of inspiration for person like me and I won’t forget you for my life time who made me realize through the mistakes I made especially for the academic writing.

Thank you very much Dr. Ming. 

Looking forward to see you again.

Best of Luck!

Chimi Wangmo
MSc. Student

Dear Dr. Ming,

This is your student Mr. Kinley Dorji from the College of Health Systems Management, Naresuan University, Thailand would like to thank you so much for your wonderful teachings and guidence. I have really enjoyed and learnt many tips  from your riched experiences and experties  within short duratiion of your visit. Infact, your valuable input on academic writing tips was one of the most important sessions for me as beginner and which will certainly help in completing my master thesis.

Once again, I would like to put forward my sincere gratitude to professor dr. Ming for your wonderful contribbutions in shaping me in doing reasrch, whereby I can contribute in improving public services.

Further, I am looking forward to continue my consultations with professor for your valuable comments and feedback for my up coming reasearch proposal. Hope professor will not mind helping me.

Looking  forward for your continued support please.

Yours faithfully,

Kinley Dorji
MSc. Student

Respected professor Dr.Ming,

First of all, We hope that u must have safely reached home and feeling happy with your family at your home country in China.

Back here, we remain always grateful for the support and guidance given to us for the development of our capabilities in the field research since research is still new for most of us. We have learnt so much from you.

Thank you for everything.

Dolley Tshering
MSc. Student

Dear Dr. Ming,

With due respect, I am a graduate student of you and studying at Naresuan University, Thailand. It was a great time to me when you were in Thailand as a lecturer of us. Hope you are safely reached at your home and passing very good time with your family. Thus I and my friends still now missing you and your valuable lecture. It was a short time with you but you provide a lot of generous and valuable information and guideline for us. I learned a lot from you and try to expand my knowledge by following your advice and way and pray for me for doing a best job in this field. Thus I will send you my work and please help me by checking and providing your valuable suggestions.

Finally I therefore pray and hope that you would be come again and take my honor with mostly delightful thanks for came and kept us in your mind.

With Regards

Md.Shaikhul Hasan
MSc. Student

Dear Dr Zhanming,

Warm Greetings from Naresuan University

I hope you are fine and enjoying quality time with friends and families. It was a unique opportunity for me to have a highly skilled academician from a renowned university in Australian like you. Your week long visit was extremely useful for me. I learned the core lessons on “Research Methodology” and “Health Systems Management” within very short time. I would have missed many key lessons if you were not here, especially, at the beginning of my PhD program.

I like your interactive pedagogy of teaching that allows students to have a real time understanding of specific topic. I also like your practical experiences that you shared in class which are beyond the books. Your comments and feedback on my assignments were valuable that would guide me to do better in my upcoming endeavors.

In sum, I am greatly benefited from your class at Naresuan University. I would like to say “A Big Thanks” for everything. Last but not the least, thank you for bringing snacks and fruits from Australia.They were delitious and nutritious. Please stay in touch and try to visit us in near future.

Yours sincerely,

Proloy Barua
PhD Student