Seminar on ‘Planning and Conducting Research Study’ with distinguished Federation University Professor

The College of Health Systems Management organized a seminar on ‘Planning and Conducting Research Study’ with Adj. Prof. Dr. Mary Cruickshank from the Federation University, Australia on the 15th of March 2018, room 207, Ekathosarot bldng, Naresuan University.

The speaker, Adj. Prof. Dr. Mary Cruickshank is the Head of the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Healthcare of Federation University, Australia. She is also an Adjunct Professor at the College of Health Systems Management.

Prof. Mary Cruickshank has been to Thailand for a number of times and had conducted numerous seminars and teleconferences for CHSM in the past and have yielded positive response from the participants.

Present during the seminar on ‘Planning and Conducting Research Study’ were international students studying Master of Science in Health Systems Management from Bangladesh, Kenya, Malawi and Timor Leste.

The seminar started with Prof. Mary giving general observation on the students’ progress report of their thesis proposal draft. She noted the common problems the students encounter especially on the research problem statement. She suggested that students should always go back to the literature to search for answers and solutions and also talk to people in the area if the projected research problem really does exist.

Prof. Mary emphasized the use of evidence-based practices and not rely on gut-feeling practices. Empirical evidence should always be considered in whatever practices to say that what is being observed are good and not on what we think is good. ‘A practice; whether nursing practice, medical practice, physical therapy practice, speech therapy or any other practice; it should always be backed up by evidence’, Prof. Mary added.

Prof. Mary continued by presenting steps and guidelines when planning and conducting a research study. She called it ‘research recipe’ which she added that this recipe is nothing special because it is widely used and known guidelines, so it is also a global recipe. And since the guidelines are commonly used so it is widely accepted and became standard practice and that is what makes it very important. Every research in the world follows this same standard. The steps and guideline she presented can be viewed with this link, Planning and Conducting a Research Study.

Planning in research, according to Prof. Mary, must be done to avoid problems in the future that may lead the research to be in a quandary. And it should not just be a simple planning but a thorough planning and anticipate that what if something goes wrong, so there should always be a backup plan for the researcher to be able to get out of trouble as she is sure that everything will not always go as planned especially that we are dealing with people who are by nature – unpredictable. Prof. Mary told the students to always remember that ‘health research is very unpredictable and it is not like pure science research’ as participants may leave the study anytime due to whatever circumstances they have.

She discussed thoroughly every step and gave examples and case studies to make it easier to follow. She stressed that one of the most important parts of writing a research proposal is the significance of the study as it is the part that will convince the readers, most especially the examiners why the study should move forward.

Prof. Mary ended up her presentation with some tips on how to publish their research report to reputed journals successfully. And right after the presentation an open forum followed to give chance to the participants to ask questions and clarification.

The participants were very glad for having attended the seminar and said that the topic was very timely because at the moment they are in the process of writing the proposal of their intended research studies.