3 Bhutanese master’s students pass rigorous Thesis oral defense

Three students from Bhutan taking up Master of Science in Health Systems Management (MSc in HSM), at the College of Health Systems Management (CHSM), Naresuan University (NU) underwent an oral presentation to defend their final Thesis report on August 30, 2018, at the College conference room.

The Final Thesis examination was organized by CHSM under the leadership of its Acting Director, Asst. Prof. Phudit Tejativaddhana, MD for the three Bhutanese students to present the result of their Thesis. The three MSc in HSM students were Ms. Chimi Wangmo, a dietician and nutritionist from Bhutan; Mr. Dolley Tshering, District Health Officer in Bhutan; and Mr. Kinley Dorji, also a District Health Officer in Bhutan. The Thesis defense is one of the Major requirements of the College of Health Systems Management for its graduate students taking MSC in HSM (International Program).

Miss Chimi Wangmo
Mr.Dolley Tshering
Mr.Kinley Dorji

The College has invited experts in the field of research, management, and health systems to compose the panel of examiners – the Final Thesis Examination Committee. The committee includes Assoc. Prof. Patcharin Sirasoonthorn former Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences; Assoc. Prof. Orapin Singhadej, former WHO Representative to Bhutan; Dr. Vinai Leesmidth, an expert in health systems management; and Dr. Taweesak Siripornpibul from the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science. The Examiners have methodically examined and meticulously scrutinized every detail of the students’ final written Thesis report and probed the students’ knowledge during the oral defense.

After the oral defense, the Examiners have given a passing grade to all three students with a condition that students have to make minor revisions to clarify and simplify some parts of the report for ease of interpretation and understanding.

One of the three Bhutanese students, Mr. Kinley Dorji, represented the group to express their heartfelt gratitude to the Examination Committee for the assessment and also convey their appreciation to their Major Advisor, Asst. Prof. Dr. Phudit Tejativaddhana and their Co-Advisor, Dr. Taweesak Siripornpibul. Mr. Dorji made a special mention to especially thank Dr. Taweesak for helping them analyze their data. “He (Dr. Taweesak) even went out of his way just to help us and even brought us to Tak Province, since he has a work there, so we can work with him on our data analysis and even provided us free accommodation”, Mr. Dorji said.

If the students can already satisfy the conditions set by making the necessary revisions based on the Examiners’ suggestions and accomplished the necessary documents for graduation, they can opt to go back to their home country while waiting for their graduation.