On CHSM’s graduate production, QA Assessors interview students

Graduate Production is one of the missions being evaluated during the QA assessment of the College of Health Systems Management (CHSM), Naresuan University (NU) on 31 August 2018, at the College conference room.

After the CHSM Director’s presentation of the College report of the delivery of its missions, the QA Assessment Committee interviewed the College graduate students to get first-hand information on how the CHSM carry out its mission on graduate production, and also to find out if it is in line with the University’s vision.

The three graduate students who were interviewed were Mr. Proloy Barua, a PhD student from Bangladesh; Mr. Dolley Tshering, MSc student (1st batch) from Bhutan; and Mr. MacArthur Makata, MSc Student (2nd batch) from Malawi.

The QA Committee asked the students to say something on the following points: 1) Level of satisfaction on the learning process; 2) Facilities offered at the College and the University; 3) Suggestions for improvements; 4) Level of confidence after the knowledge acquisition and the application of the acquired knowledge in their home country and become an agent of change in their field.

The students stated that they are very much satisfied with the learning they get from the College and the activities provided to them were timely and beneficial. They are also very happy to note that their learning comes from various sources and experts from Thailand and other countries. They commended the College efforts in delivering the learning process which includes learning coursework inside the classroom, field studies, teleconferences with international experts, and opportunities to participate in international seminars and conferences.

They have also mentioned that the facilities provided to them by the College and the University, especially the University Library, were suitable and greatly beneficial in terms of satisfying their study needs and the staff are truly kind and accommodating.

They suggested that if possible, the College would also offer a degree that focuses only on coursework because currently the College only have a graduate degree by research. Though in the programs they are in, there are course works but they feel it is not enough.

They said that they have a high confidence level to be able to bring and share the knowledge they have acquired from CHSM to their country and assured that they will do their best to be an agent of change and cause positive reforms to their country’s health system.

They have all agreed that, yes, the College still has a long way to go to fully achieve its vision of becoming a “World-Class College of Health Systems Management”, but it is on the right track of accomplishing its vision.