CHSM international student taking Master’s in Health Systems Management undergoes rigorous Thesis Defense

College of Health Systems Management, Naresuan University – An international student from Bangladesh, MD Shaikhul Hasan, taking Master of Science in Health Systems Management (MSc in HSM) at the College of Health Systems Management (CHSM), Naresuan University (NU) underwent the Thesis Defense on 19 December 2018, in room 207, Akathosarot building.

MD Shaikhul Hasan had orally presented and defended his Thesis – “Factors relating to the patients’ expectations and perceptions of outpatient post-stroke rehabilitation services delivery management in Bangladesh.”

The Examination Committee composed of academics who are expert in health management and research include – Asst. Prof. Dr. Phudit Tejativaddhana, Director, ASEAN Institute of Health Development, Mahidol University (Committee Chair); Asst. Prof. Dr. Kantaphat Anusaksathien from the Faculty of Social Science (Major Advisor); Asst. Prof. Dr. Taweesak Siripornpaiboon from the Dept. of Mathematics, Faculty of Science (Co-Advisor); and Asst. Prof. Dr. Sunsanee Mekrungrongwong from the Faculty of Public Health.

The Examinee was given 30 minutes to present his Thesis report after which the question and answer portion followed. The Examiners meticulously examined the reliability and validity of the report, its strengths and weaknesses and its impact and contribution to the academic knowledge.

After a couple of hours of deliberation, the Committee decided to give the Examinee, MD Shaikhul Hasan, the rating – Pass with the condition to make the necessary revisions to address the Committee’s recommendations.

MD Shaikhul Hasan is the 4th international student from the 1st batch of MSc in HSM students studying at CHSM, NU who successfully defended the Thesis.