About Us

dsc_0120All countries including Thailand are facing new health problems and challenges which are complex and rapidly changing. These challenges can negatively impact on the health systems and on the achievement of individual and community health outcomes. All countries critically require strengthening of their health systems. Developing a new body of knowledge about health systems management is a key success factor in meeting that challenge Specific knowledge and skills on leadership, management and governance of health systems for health leaders, health managers, health professionals, researchers and academics is required to improve health system performances, improving coverage and efficiency and ensure better equity in access to quality care. Improved management of health systems it is an important mechanism for supporting each country to achieve the UN’s ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Naresuan University (NU) has established the College of Health Systems Management (CHSM) to respond to these global and countries’ needs. NU is determined that NUCHSM will be a world class College of Health Systems Management with an international reputation. It will work collaboratively and in partnership with key government and private sector agencies in Thailand and the sub – region to improve the health management capability of health professionals and others engaged in improving the health outcomes of individuals and communities. Its purposes are to develop human resources, to create innovations and build on the body of knowledge on health systems management which requires an integrated and multidisciplinary approach. It aims to develop mechanisms to support academic activities and exchange of knowledge on leadership, management and governance of health systems management in order to improve the health systems and achieve the SDGs and sustainable health systems for Thailand and other neighboring countries in South East Asia and in ASEAN.



“World-Class College of Health Systems Management”


Core Value

CHSM – College of Health Systems Management

C – Collegiality

H – Holistic, Health-conscious, Harmony

S – Sustainability

M – Multidisciplinary, Mutuality, Morality