M.Sc. Health Systems Management

“Develop advanced knowledge and skills to address health systems management challenges”

resize-80The multidisciplinary master program Health Systems Management is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge that are needed to understand the complexities of health systems. It is also aimed to enable students to develop into knowledgeable researchers, policy makers or managers and leaders in the health care sector.

Successful students will have the expertise to analyze and weigh up complex problems from various perspectives. You will apply that knowledge derived from various fields when solving real life problems. You will know how to lead and manage complex health systems to be more responsive and to improve equity and the level of health of your communities, effectively and efficiently.

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Ph.D. Health Systems Management

“Developing the next generation of innovative researchers and leaders in health systems management”

The program is purposefully interdisciplinary and seeks to prepare students for research careers in academics as well as in public and private sector agencies and organizations. The overall goal of the PhD program in Health Systems Management is to produce the next generation of leaders in the research and practice of health dealing with health systems. Its central objective is to train the next generation of researchers in applying innovative methodologies of scientific discovery to better understand health systems and support decision-making for the cost-effective delivery of health services.

The NUCHSM core faculty researchers involved reflect the multidisciplinary character of the study issues, integrating expertise in health services, health administration, health economics, social science, management, operations research, computer science, and medicine. International expertise has contributed to the development and contemporary nature of the program alongside the expertise provided by Thai colleagues across our health system.

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