M.Sc. Health Systems Management

Master of Science in Health Systems Management

"Develop advanced knowledge and skills to address health systems management challenges"

Health systems management (HSM) is a unique multidisciplinary master program. It is specially designed for students who are interested in fully understanding the context of health and health system issues and for those who wish to become health managers within health care organizations. The program explores the complexities of health systems from different disciplinary perspectives. Scientific theories are closely intertwined with practical knowledge.

The program is specially designed to give students an overview of the Thai health system and its application in a global context. The program explores the complexities of health systems all over the world and enables students to be able to understand, analyze and deal with the current and emerging challenges. Furthermore, students develop advanced skills for designing, carrying out and reporting academic research as well as developing a set of professional management competencies and leadership skills. Students will work with faculty from around the world to solve case studies and acquire valuable knowledge on health systems management.

The M.Sc. (HSM) program

The program has a clear international orientation. Health systems worldwide are facing various challenging issues and becoming more complex. Leadership and good management are vital to solving these increasing difficult issues in the health sector. The Master of Science in Health Systems Management fully equip you to live up to these challenges.

During the master you are trained to match knowledge from various academic fields with professional skills and come to solutions for just about any problem or challenge that you may encounter during your career as a health management professional. In this entire process you never lose focus on patient and community demands and needs.

dsc_1773Aims of the program

The multidisciplinary master program Health Systems Management is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge that are needed to understand the complexities of health systems. It is also aimed to enable students to develop into knowledgeable researchers, policy makers or managers and leaders in the health care sector.

Successful students will have the expertise to analyze and weigh up complex problems from various perspectives. You will apply that knowledge derived from various fields when solving real life problems. You will know how to lead and manage complex health systems to be more responsive and to improve equity and the level of health of your communities, effectively and efficiently.

International Orientation

The program is international in scope and participation. All courses, papers, exams and the master thesis are in English. HSM attracts students from all over the world, employs teaching staff of foreign origin, and actively seeks international collaboration with other international universities and academic and professional institutions, both for students and staff exchange.