Ph.D. Health Systems Management

Doctor of Philosophy in Health Systems Management

"Developing the next generation of innovative researchers and leaders in health systems management"

The Ph.D. (HSM) program

Health Systems Management research is about improving leadership and management for a health system’s efficiency, effectiveness and accountability in order to provide equitable quality services to patients and communities. A key aspect of health systems management research is its interdisciplinary nature – it draws upon research methods and approaches from several fields.

dsc_1769_2This research-based program is designed to train researchers and academic leaders in the expanding field of health systems management. These systems are studied using the scientific problem solving methods of management and the social sciences and systems science. Students follow a process of scientific discovery applying abstract modeling or empirical discovery paradigms. Collaborative and participatory action based approaches in real health management situations are utilized.

The PhD prepares students to become independent investigators in academic and non-academic research institutions, and emphasizes contributions to theory and basic science. Individuals applying to this program usually have a master’s degree and/or relevant research experience, however the minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree.

Aims of the program

phuditThe program is purposefully interdisciplinary and seeks to prepare students for research careers in academics as well as in public and private sector agencies and organizations. The overall goal of the PhD program in Health Systems Management is to produce the next generation of leaders in the research and practice of health dealing with health systems. Its central objective is to train the next generation of researchers in applying innovative methodologies of scientific discovery to better understand health systems and support decision-making for the cost-effective delivery of health services.

The NUCHSM core faculty researchers involved reflect the multidisciplinary character of the study issues, integrating expertise in health services, health administration, health economics, social science, management, operations research, computer science, and medicine. International expertise has contributed to the development and contemporary nature of the program alongside the expertise provided by Thai colleagues across our health system.