CHSM Research Grant for Postgraduate Studies

The CHSM Research Grant (CRG) aims to provide financial assistance to CHSM postgraduate students conducting a research study and finalizing thesis report for publication.

Interested CHSM students who want to avail the CRG must follow the procedure and guidelines specified in the “CHSM ANNOUNCEMENT on Research Grant for Postgraduate Studies” posted on the CHSM website.

Deadline for application for the CRG is on June 8, 2018.

The application form is also available at the CHSM website.

For students who are in their home country currently conducting data collection, they may send their application through e-mail on or before the deadline.

For students who are already back in Thailand, the application form and other required documents should be handed to the CHSM office on or before the deadline.

For more details, please contact Mr. Supawat Yotnarin or Mr. Reggie D. Hinoguin.


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